What’s for dinner?

That question is in my head pretty much every single morning. I try to plan ahead because of our busy schedules we do not have the luxury of waiting until we are home from work or whatever kid event is scheduled to figure out what we are making for dinner.

I ask the hubby every day that he is home and I am at work, what’s for dinner long before noon. If we are staying in, that gives us time to take something out of the freezer to thaw. On my Friday (no I don’t work normal days of the week, so it could technically be Sunday) I always check the freezer and take at least three items out to I know we will have at least three dinners and maybe enough for leftovers for a day or two at work.

I found myself eating Korean Beef leftovers from last night (thank you Pinterest for that easy recipe) for breakfast today, or maybe it’s considered brunch, it was almost 10 a.m. here.

Where do you find your ideas for dinner, I see lots of posts from friends on Facebook asking what’s everyone having for dinner tonight? I know they aren’t looking for an invite, they are looking for ideas.  Most people I know have kids, so they have to consider their dinners carefully, especially if one or more is a picky eater.

My child hates vegetables, it doesn’t mean I don’t try, he ate the three pieces of broccoli I slid into his korean beef last night, but he wasn’t asking for more. He had just finished a football game, so he had his korean beef over noodles like a lomein and then asked for a side of rice. He should just ask for a side of soy sauce since that seems to be his favorite thing about asian food. I didn’t mind giving him the carbs and salt to replace all the stores he had depleted while playing nearly an entire 8th grade football game. He was hungry. Approximately one hour after dinner, he finished off the extra noodles and probably a snack while playing video games.

I find tons of ideas on Pinterest and lucky for me, my husband will try anything, so he is always game for a new recipe. I get burned out pretty quick on grilled chicken, burgers, brats and tacos, those are our main foods. I hate red spaghetti sauce, so it’s rare that I make spaghetti willingly.

Our go to recipes are below they are quick and easy. They are generally accepted by all ages at our house from 4-48.

One Pot Beef Stroganoff

Best Chicken Enchiladas Ever

Pizza Bread

CROCKPOT MEAL Chicken and Tatertots

These 4 recipes are the easiest ones I have found on my Pinterest board that I have actually made multiple times. The beef stroganoff and Crockpot tater tot casserole are always a big hit. My son does not like the enchiladas recipe, but my husband loves it. The pizza bread, well, c’mon who doesn’t love pizza bread.  One tip for the korean beef is use low sodium soy sauce or use half soy sauce and half water or it will be too salty. We also left out the red pepper flakes when my son was eating it with us, as he doesn’t enjoy spicy food like we do!

Feel free to send me your favorite go to recipes, lord knows I can always use ideas!! Let me know if you try any of these, they are a life safer for a busy mom schedule.

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